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What happens if I have a fine?

You are responsible for and will pay all costs arising from:

Any congestion or parking charges (or failure to pay them); 
A breach of any parking restrictions or a road traffic offence (such as speeding offences) or any other offence or infringement involving the Vehicle such as (but not limited to) lane infringement, tunnel, turning and bus lane charges including the costs from the Vehicle being clamped, seized or towed away and any other charges/costs (or failure to pay them) levied by a relevant organisation or issuing authority.

You are and will remain primarily liable for such charges and you consent to us notifying such organisations of your personal details to effect a transfer of liability.

Each time we deal with such correspondence we will charge your credit/debit card for our administration fee which covers the reasonable costs we incur in administering the correspondence associated with each fine, charge or penalty that is issued for the Vehicle during your Hire Period. You have the right to challenge that administration fee within 14 days of the date of the invoice. The administration fee will be refunded if you can provide supporting evidence to show that the issuing authority has rescinded the fine or penalty.

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