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How can I enrol in the Europcar Privilege Programme?

Customers can join the Privilege Program by enrolling online, thereby updating/completing the application form in the My Europcar section of http://www.europcar.com/ or of any of the following Europcar websites: 

  • http://www.europcar.com/ 
  • http://www.europcar.com.au/ 
  • http://www.europcar.co.nz/ 
  • http://www.europcar.co.uk/ 
  • http://www.europcar.de/
  • http://www.europcar.es/ 
  • http://www.europcar.fr/ 
  • http://www.europcar.it/ 
  • http://www.europcar.pt/ 
  • http://www.europcar.ch/ 
  • http://www.europcar.at/ 

After submitting the form, the Member will receive an application confirmation e-mail, sent to the email address indicated on the form, indicating the Europcar Driver ID. This Europcar ID (or Member number) entitles the Member to benefit from all Program services immediately and must be used to login for each online reservation or quoted when booking to benefit from the Program advantages.

For more details visit our Privilege Loyalty Programme page or view the  Privilege Terms and Conditions.

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