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Will there be a deposit taken when I pick up the car?

If you have prepaid your rental, the deposit amount is: 300 € (or £250, or equivalent in your destination country currency). If you have not already paid for your rental at the time of booking, then the price of the rental will also be authorised on your credit card. In this case, the total amount authorised on your credit card will be the Rental price + 300 € (or £250 or equivalent in destination country currency).

You can pay the by debit card or a credit card and we’ve set out below what will happen for each payment method. If you have prepaid your daily rental charges we will need to see the card that you used for the prepayment before we release the Vehicle to you but you can pay for your deposit using a different payment method if you wish.

We will request an electronic authorisation from the issuing bank to ring-fence the deposit value against the card but not actually withdraw the funds. The available credit on the card will be reduced by the deposit value but the amount will not appear on your monthly statement. Provided there are no extra charges and/or fees to pay when you return the Vehicle to us at the end of the Hire Period and it has been checked-in then the deposit amount will be released. This may take between 3 to 10 working days depending on your card issuer.
Please contact your bank if it takes longer than 10 days to appear in your account.

For more information and amount please visit our click here to visit our Deposit Policy page.

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