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What happens if the vehicle breaks down or if I have an accident?

Europcar provides clients with complete 24-hour emergency road side assistance for breakdowns and accidents.

For breakdowns, please refer to the customer information sticker for contact details, this can be found on the vehicle windscreen.

In the event of an accident or incident please call First Call Assist as soon as it is safe to do so.

If an accident occurs

  • Please do not accept liability – provide all of the details of the incident to First Call Assist along with photographs so that we can deal with any claim.
  • Obtain contact details and Vehicle Registration Number of the other drivers.
  • Tear off the relevant Accident Card from the back of your Smooth Journey Guide and give it to the other party along with the Europcar Vehicle Registration Number.

First Call Assist - 0800 028 0999 (or 0116 247 3228 on a non UK phone)

Option 1 - To Report an Accident

Option 2 - For Roadside Assistance Express (if purchased)

Option 3 - For Windscreen damage

Option 4 - For Tyres repairs/replacement

Important aspects to consider:

  • If you are involved in a collision or accident with another vehicle, you will be responsible for paying the associated costs until such time where the Third Party accepts full liability.
  • Third Party Excess Waivers or Reduction Products cannot be used to eliminate your responsibility for the damage excess. Third Party Excess Waivers or Reduction Products allow you to claim the excess back but do not prevent Europcar from applying the excess if damage is caused.
  • If you contact our helpline as a result of a breakdown, if you have your own breakdown cover that is applicable to any car you may drive, we recommend you quote your personal policy number to the call operator to avoid any potential call out charges from Europcar.

For full information regarding our damage policy or tariff guide, please visit the UK Terms & Conditions and Damage Management Policy available on our website.

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