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What should I do if I have a problem regarding tyres?

The majority of our vehicles no longer come to us with a spare tyre and for the safety of our customer’s, we remove the tyre inflation kits. Should you experience an issue during your rental, you can contact our helpline on 0800 0280 999 (option 4) for assistance.

Should you experience an issue with a tyre, windscreen or breakdown during your hire, please direct any general questions or queries regarding potential charges to our Customer Services Department on 0371 384 0235.

As set out in section 5 of the Terms and Conditions (What are my obligations toward the vehicle?), you are obliged to return your vehicle and its keys, accessories, or documentation to us in the same condition as they were at check out, subject to any fair wear and tear. Please note, an administration fee will be applied to cover the resources used in managing a damage claim.

For full information regarding our damage policy or tariff guide, please visit the UK Terms & Conditions and Damage Management Policy available on our website.

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