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Who pays for toll or congestion charges?

As the hirer of one of our vehicles it is your responsibility to ensure you pay such fees as are required by these issuing bodies in good time. If you don’t they will issue a Penalty Charge Notice to Europcar as the owner of the registered vehicle.

If we receive such a Penalty Charge Notice for a toll, tunnel or congestion charge that you haven’t paid for during your hire period then we will either:

• Supply driver details to the relevant issuing body to transfer liability and to enable them to re-issue the Penalty Charge Notice in your name (as the hirer of the vehicle at the time) and to reinstate the 28 day payment period. You, or the driver, will then need to deal with the issuing body directly; or

• If we cannot supply hirer details and transfer liability then we will pay the relevant charge in order to mitigate the cost and we will then recharge the cost to you, the hirer.

Each Penalty Charge Notice we receive results in the requirement for administration time to deal with it. On each such occasion we will issue an invoice to the hirer for the cost of the administration time needed to either complete the transfer of liability form or to make payment.

This administration fee is a separate fee payable directly to us and does not cover any fines you receive or have already received from the relevant issuing body.

In order to resolve/settle outstanding fines you must contact the issuing body directly.

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