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Can I drive into another country?

Europcar may permit you to drive the vehicle abroad although this is dependant upon the category of vehicle you are are driving and the countries you wish to visit.

Before travelling abroad, you must obtain a completed VE103B form from one of our rental stations, together with an RAC European Motoring Assistance booklet and our Europdrive Oversea's cover.

CUSTOMER NOTICE: If the UK leaves the European Union without a ratified Withdrawal Agreement then UK nationals will, in future, be required to carry new documentation when taking a UK registered vehicle abroad. If you wish to take a Europcar hire vehicle to another country after Brexit then, in addition to our written consent (the VE103B), you will require a Green Card to provide proof of insurance cover. If you are driving the vehicle subject to our collision damage waiver cover then we will provide a Green Card when you purchase our Europdrive or Europdrive Cross-border Cover at the Europcar branch.

You should also ensure that you take with you any compulsory equipment required for driving in the countries being visited.

An overseas surcharge may be applicable, details of which are available at booking.

More details can be found on our Europdrive Cross-border Cover page.

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