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What is a DVLA share code?

UK driving Licence holders must provide validation of their driving record each time they hire a Vehicle from us to drive in the UK and will need to use the DVLA online service “Share Driving Licence” to view and create a one-time passcode.

Each Driver should go to https://www.gov.uk/view-driving-license where she/he will be asked to submit his/her driving licence number, National Insurance number and home postcode. The passcode, which will be valid for a maximum period of 21 days from the point it is generated, must be presented to us and still be valid when picking up any Vehicle from us.

If we need to check the Driver’s licence with DVLA for any reason (other than by using the Share Driving Licence passcode) then you agree to pay the DVLA Contact fee that is set out in the Tariff Guide within our Term & Conditions.

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