Can I drive into another country?

Europcar may permit you to cross the border with the vehicle.

This varies according to :

  • the country of rental,
  • car categories, 
  • and the countries you wish to visit.

Please check on our Conditions of Rental pages, by choosing your country of rental on the list.

If your rental destination is UK: 

You must not take our Vehicle (nor permit the Vehicle to be taken) outside Mainland UK and Northern Ireland (“the Territory”) without obtaining our prior written consent.

Written consent (form VE103B) is essential whether you are just visiting the Republic of Ireland, crossing the Channel to France or going for a longer journey into Europe. The VE103B and a Green Card (if this is required by your destination country and/or any countries you journey in or through) is provided as part of both our Europdrive and Cross-Border Packs. The Cross Border Pack applies and is required if you are visiting the Republic of Ireland from Northern Ireland or the UK Mainland. There is a charge for both the Europdrive and Cross-Border Packs.

An overseas surcharge may be applicable, details of which are available at booking.

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