What should I do when returning the vehicle?

Return Out of Hours : 
If you return your vehicle out of hours, we recommend you take photos of the vehicle whilst parked at the rental station; this is to avoid any pre-existing or old damage being attributed to your rental.

Please also ensure the keys are placed in the appropriate key return box.

Return during Opening hours: 
If you return during opening hours, the rental station should check the vehicle over with you before you leave (unless you do not wish to wait for the checks to be completed).

If you do not wish to wait, the inspection will be carried out without you present and you will then be contacted by our Head Office to notify of any new damages found.

Should you receive notification that damage has been found and wish to dispute the claim, you will need to refer to the contact information available on the correspondence you have received.

As set out in section 5 of the Terms and Conditions (What are my obligations toward the vehicle?), you are obliged to return your vehicle and its keys, accessories, or documentation to us in the same condition as they were at check out, subject to any fair wear and tear. Please note, an administration fee will be applied to cover the resources used in managing a damage claim.

We don't not accept liability for any items or personal possessions that you may have left in the vehicle at the end of the Hire Period. It is your responsibility to remove all documentation from the Vehicle containing your personal information such as your copy of the Rental Agreement and delete any data you may have stored within the in-car infotainment system.
Please be sure to check the vehicle thoroughly before you return it. For full information regarding our damage policy or tariff guide, please visit the UK Terms & Conditions and Damage Management Policy available on our website.

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